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Inspecting Leather
The first step in making quality footwear is making sure leather used is of the finest quality. Every inch of leather that comes into Red Wing Shop is inspected and graded for durability and flex before we decide to use it in the boots.
After careful inspection, premium grade leather hides are cut and sorted into pieces, then inspected once again before being sent to the next step.

In the fitting department, the leather pieces are stamped and formed, then stitched together. Once again, leather are tested and inspected against high standards.

This is where the boot truly begins to take shape. The upper portion is formed and shaped over a temporary "last" (basically, a replica of a foot), which allows craftsmen to attach the insole. In this stage, the process is done primarily by hand.
With the fitting and lasting complete, it's time to attach the sole. When a shoe is bottomed, it means the sole is permanently attached. Then once again tested for durability.

Finally, the shoe is trimmed, cleaned and treated in the finishing department. Each shoe is hand inspected before being given the blessing to go on.


Final Inspection
Before shoes are packed and sent to the stores, Quality Control staff check and re-check everything from stitches to soles to make sure they meet high standards of quality and durability.

This information applies to Singapore market.
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