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Red Wing, the King of boots is born in United States in 1905. It is well- known worldwide for its comfort and durability worldwide. The logo is a symbolic representation in American fashion culture.

It has many loyal fans throughout these years. Among them, previous President of United States of America, George Bush is a big fan too. Other celebrities outside US who like Red Wing include Japanese top celebrity, Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉), R & B Singer, Puffy and even Hong Kong SuperStar, Andy Lau is believed to be one of them too.

Charles H. Beckman organizes the Red Wing Shoe Company in the quiet river town of Red Wing, Minnesota. The first boot sells for US$1.75.
An American success story unfolds. In 1907, production is 100 pair per day. By 1915, production tops 200,000 pairs annually. World War I soldiers are issued the Red Wing No. 16.
In 1918, J.R. Sweasy becomes the general manager and in 1921, the president of Red Wing Shoes. For the next three decades, Sweasy steers the company successfully through two world wars and the Great Depression.
On October 18th, 1929, Black Friday sends the country deep into depression. To save money on coal, workers burn scrap leather to stay warm in the factory. In 1930, style number 99 sells for 99 cents and became a mainstay to keep sales growing.
Red Wing's legendary quality and durability again catches the eye of the U.S. Military. Red Wing begins manufacturing boots for soldiers, making 239 different sizes and widths for the Army alone.

Major changes in company structure and participatory management style emerge. As America begins building and working again, Red Wings gain popularity all across the country.

amous Irish Setter 877 is introduced with the still popular “wedge-cushion crepe” sole and exclusive Oro Russet leather.


Norman Rockwell creates a series of drawings for Red Wing Shoes. Les Kouba, a young artist who would later become famous for his wildlife art, also is commissioned by Red Wing Shoes for the 1963 catalog.

Red Wing Shoe tops 1 million pairs for the first time in the same year.

With the oil industry booming, the late 60's and 70's became a time for global expansion. Red Wing Shoes enters Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and a number of oil producing countries in the East.
By 1985, production reaches two million pair. The factory expands for the third time and adds a night shift at both plants. Red Wing Shoes expands its products to over 150 styles, serving every industry imaginable.
From a tiny corner shop started in 1905, Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. has grown into the most respected manufacturer of hard working boots and shoes around the globe. Today, with three facilities and hundreds of craftspeople making thousands of pairs by hand each day, Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. will continue to provide comfort, quality and durability for the next hundred years.
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